My path through this search seems a bit strange to some of my colleagues and friends.  I guess the wandering path I’ve taken so far is a result of my innovation experience, where we constantly tell our clients to diverge first, explore a lot of possibilities and then converge around the right answer.

Divergence has always been a mindset for me.  I’ve always been the one in the room asking if we’ve explored enough options, thought carefully about our scope.  In the Foursight model (a good framework to assess potential innovators) I am a clarifier/ideator, which means I’m always asking if we have the scope defined correctly or if we need more discovery.

My sense is that this makes it a bit difficult to fit neatly into a specific role or organizational box, but that’s OK for now.  I’m really interested in exploring several pathways for my next passion.  I’m also certain that when the time or opportunity is right the convergence will happen fairly quickly.