Here I provide more detail into specific projects and the role my team and I played.

Scenario Development for Strategic Planning

For a Fortune 500 building supply company my team gathered trends using the PESTLE approach and primary and secondary research, to look over a 5-7 year future timeframe, in order to help our client shape current strategy and future investments based on shifts in the marketplace and emerging trends.  This work involved a significant amount of research and trend gathering, the development of several alternative scenarios and an executive workshop using the Business Model Canvas to describe impacts to the existing business model based on anticipated future market shifts.

Deep customer research using ethnography/VOC/JTBD

For a variety of Fortune 500 companies I led teams to discover unmet and unarticulated needs that customers and prospects have, that could be addressed by our clients.  Depending on the need and situation, we deployed ethnographic techniques, interviews, focus groups and a jobs to be done methodology to discover needs and validate those needs, which led to specific opportunities to be addressed.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping

For a range of Fortune 500 customers in high technology, insurance, financial services, home furnishings and other products I led programs leveraging the customer experience journey map to identify moments of truth in the customer journey where our client was pleasing the customer or failing to meet expectations.  Using these insights we created new ideas and solutions to improve products, services, channels and business models.

Designing and building corporate innovation teams and processes

For several Fortune 500 companies, I led the design and development of corporate innovation teams and their processes and capabilities.  This included defining innovation team roles and responsibilities, identifying and training team members, defining innovation methods and processes.  In addition, with the corporate teams I led disruptive innovation projects that led to new medical devices, new software and hardware in the IT space, new banking products, new insurance products, new CPG products and much more.

Digital Transformation

For Fortune 500 clients I defined the opportunity and need for new digital tools and solutions, including augmented reality, virtual reality and the Internet of Things.  To help clients understand the potential impact of IoT, I developed a methodology to identify opportunities in business models, customer experiences and services based on IoT and Machine Learning solutions in consumer IoT.  I teach a class in digital transformation to 3rd and 4th year business students at SKEMA USA.

Sales/Business Development

I’ve almost always been involved in sales and business development, as both an individual contributor and in sales management primarily for software and services organizations:

  • For Clarkston Consulting, I led our sales efforts, managing a direct sales for and partner sales, growing revenue from $6M to over $40M in four years, achieving the INC 500 award three years in a row
  • For Qlik (then QlikTech), I led US direct sales, built a sales force and developed a pipeline that led to a venture funding round of over $10M.
  • For OVO and RTI Innovation Advisors, I led sales efforts to sell innovation products and services to Fortune 500 companies.  In these efforts I regularly closed over $1M in consulting revenue per year.


I’ve led marketing for startups and entrepreneurial companies and mid-sized private companies, often managing marketing six and seven figure marketing budgets.  My responsibilities included:

  • Developing an overall marketing strategy
  • Developing new brands and brand imagery
  • Developing thought leadership and thought content
  • Developing or redeveloping a corporate website
  • Developing and implementing go to market programs and campaigns in key geographical or industry sectors
  • Defining, planning and executing industry or geographic segment marketing campaigns
  • Developing social media and digital marketing components of the overall marketing program
  • Identifying and planning which events, conferences or speaking engagements our teams should attend
  • Developing email campaigns, direct mail campaigns and influencer campaigns
  • Identifying and hiring public relations firms, branding firms and marcom firms when appropriate
  • Developing relationships with industry analyst firms such as Gartner, Forrester, Frost&Sullivan and many others to build awareness and obtain coverage
  • Developing and converting interest in marketing programs and activities to leads for a sales team.