I’ve always focused on developing thought leadership and content to help the companies I’ve worked for.

Blogs and Articles

Earlier in my career I wrote a blog called Thinking Faster to support consulting services to help teams and companies operate more efficiently.

As we created OVO I started a new blog called Innovate on Purpose to build awareness of OVO’s services and our way of thinking about how innovation should work in corporations.

I was invited to write a series of articles for Inc Magazine, blending the idea of innovation and entrepreneurship.


I’ve written several books on innovation, including:

Also, I wrote OutManeuver, a book that examines how businesses can use speed, agility, insight and innovation to win more share and profits at lower costs.

Other content

Best Innovation Org Structure Final – this is a research paper on innovation structure and corporate governance I developed and published with the IRI.   Many thanks to them for allowing me to publish it publicly.

Here’s a podcast where I share the results of several years of research into the traits of good innovators:  Uncovering High Capacity Innovators

Along with Tad Haas at Edison365 I wrote an article for Innovation Leader on upgrading an existing innovation program.

Here’s video of me speaking at the SFIA meeting in New Orleans.

I spoke in Mexico City in support of my book Relentless Innovation.

Here’s a paper I wrote for Innovation Leader with Edison365 to provide guidelines for building an innovation capacity in corporations.

Here’s a white paper I wrote about innovation leadership and culture.


I’ve had the good fortune to teach at several universities, including NC State, the SKEMA program, CEDIM in Monterrey, Mexico and other universities and corporate training centers.