I’m seeking full time employment, but in the meantime would be happy to discuss part-time contracting or consulting.  I can ghost write content, provide consulting services, help draft a strategic plan or marketing plan and much more.  Contact me if you need short term help.

Here’s what I’ll provide for my next opportunity:

  • Deep engagement with a new product, an idea, a technology, a solution or a great management team
  • Driving a real impact in the business and the success of the product or company, in terms of growth, differentiation and profit
  • Hard work and deep commitment
  • The ability to understand and connect with customers, determine their needs and communicate with them effectively
  • Sharing my experience from years of consulting, leading sales and marketing for a firm that made the INC 500 list 3 years in a row, working in firms that attracted venture funding, providing solutions for senior Fortune 500 executives
  • The ability to coach, train and develop others
  • The desire to learn new skills and gain new insights
  • The ability to generate great content, become a thought leader, help others create content and become thought leaders

How might these opportunities appear?

  • Company size or structure
    • Small, rapidly growing firm that needs more experience in management, sales, marketing or new product definition or development
    • A consulting firm that serves firms of any size, focused on innovation, new product development or digital transformation
    • A team in a larger organization that seeks to do disruptive transformation, most likely through an accelerator or other means
  • Focus
    • Innovation in products, services and/or business models
    • Ideally combined with IoT and machine learning
    • Aligned with or combined with product or group strategy
  • Functional skills
    • New product development/new service development/innovation
    • Marketing
    • Sales / Business development
    • Strategy