Welcome.  I am actively blogging about my search for a new passion.  I’ve recently (October 2019) found myself without a job as my former position was eliminated in a restructuring.  As I look for a new position, I am documenting my efforts to 1) alert people to my availability and 2) communicate the ups and downs associated with searching for a new job.

About me

I have an interesting and complex career which combines innovation and new product development, marketing, strategy and sales.  I have worked in and for large Fortune 500 companies and have been on the management team of VC-backed entrepreneurial firms.

You can find my LinkedIn Profile here.

Early years

I started out as a consultant and manager in the Big 8 (then the Big 6 and now the Big 4) consulting firms, working for Accenture and PriceWaterhouse.

After completing my MBA (Hook ’em), I worked for Texas Instruments in a senior marketing role reporting to the VP of Marketing.  After 3 years I left to run sales and marketing for Clarkston Consulting, which grew quickly, recognized as one of the fastest growing firms in the US 3 years in a row.

From there I was recruited into iSeg, a startup company using data mining to predict customer acquisition and churn, primarily in telecom and wireless companies.  I led marketing for iSeg and launched a product in the US, Europe and the Middle East.  Due to the financial downturn after 9/11 we had difficulty raising a round and had to shut down.

After that I worked for several years as a fractional VP of Sales and VP of Marketing, leading Qlik to its first venture round in the US, and also working with SmartPath till its acquisition by DoubleClick.  During this time I met my future partner, Dean Hering, and he and I founded OVO Innovation.

The innovation years

We founded OVO because we wanted to reintroduce and re-ignite innovation skills and capabilities in larger firms.  We felt that too much emphasis was being placed on efficiency and not enough on innovation, and I still believe that today.  During the time I worked with OVO I was also the VP of Marketing for NetCentrics, which was the parent company of OVO.

We ran OVO for 14 years, and when Dean retired I left to go to work at RTI International in the Innovation Advisors team.

A few accomplishments

  • Helped raise close to $30M in venture funds for companies where I was on the management team:  Clarkston Consulting, Qlik, iSeg and others
  • Achieved the Inc 500 list three years in a row as one of the fastest growing companies in the US when I was with Clarkston
  • Defined and launched a big data product in the US, Europe and the Middle East.  Led all marketing, PR, product marketing for iSeg.
  • Created global awareness and developed thought leadership for OVO, a small consulting firm in Raleigh, which led to innovation conferences, speaking engagements, training programs, teaching opportunities and client engagements in Fortune 500 companies, universities and government agencies in the US, Europe, Mexico, Central America, South Africa, Turkey, Oman, Dubai, Israel, Malaysia and China.
  • Closed a number of multi-million dollar projects in IT consulting, software sales and innovation consulting.
  • Published several books, most notably Relentless Innovation and OutManeuver