Finding a new passion


This is the first of hopefully a handful of posts, but more likely a longer blog, about finding a new job in the digital innovation space.

I decided to chronicle my search for a new job, hoping several things would happen:

  • I’d share some insights about how I went about a job search that would help others
  • I’d demonstrate skills and knowledge that attracted good companies and shortened the search
  • I could demonstrate the ability to communicate and write effectively, leading to contracting or future employment
  • That my readers and I might have some fun along the way

I found out I was going to lose my position at my previous employer in late September 2019.  A restructuring of my former team meant that I no longer had a job.  For the next few weeks I did what anyone in my shoes should do:  ask what I really wanted to do and how to best find that role, job or opportunity.

If you are interested in what I wrote down, you can find the entirety of it on the “What I’m looking for ” page, but here’s brief synopsis:

I want to get deeply engaged in a team, a company or an idea that moves me.  Yes, I have used the “passion” word because work should mean something.  I’d like to join a company or team where the management is smart and funny, and wants everyone to get smarter and better at what they do.  I want to work for a company that desires growth, that wants to change the status quo.

I don’t think these desires are unusual – I think a lot of people want to work in companies or teams with these characteristics.  It’s just that many companies or teams start out with the best intentions but lose sight of these goals along the way.

I’ll update the blog occasionally as the networking and discovery evolves.  Please stay tuned and feel free to communicate via the blog or other contact means.